[American Indian Rock Art, Volume 40]
American Indian Rock Art, Volume 40 (DVD), ARARA. editors, various, session organizers
2014, American Rock Art Research Association, San Jose, California, DVD PDF


Papers presented at the ARARA and IFRAO 2013 Albuquerque, New Mexico joint meetings include:

Table of Contents

Symbols, Myths, and Cosmology: Archaeological Material and Anthropological Meanings

3 Women, Cattle and Lunar Symbols: Their Cosmological Significance in Saharan Rock Art and Funerary Monuments Ahmed Achrati Ph.D.
17 Arte Rupestre en Poro Poro de Udima: Ancestros Míticos y Linajes, Prácticas Chamánicas, Peregrinación y Oráculo en un Sitio Excepcional María Susana Barrau and Daniel Castillo Benitez
27 Arte Rupestre en el Alto de la Guitarra: Paraíso de Cazadores, Calendario Agrícola, Mitología y Ritual en la Costa Norte Peruana Daniel Castillo Benitez and María Susana Barrau
43 Bison Effigy Stones in Wisconsin Herman Bender
81 Rock Art Imagery and Symbolism at the Neolithic Stone Circles of Drombeg (Ireland), Stonehenge, and Avebury— Demonstrating the Cosmic Myth of the Marriage of the Gods in Action G. Terence Meaden Ph.D. and Linda Howley

Archaeology and the Science of Rock Art

97 Understanding the creation of early angular cupules on hard quartzite rock at Daraki-Chattan by direct percussion method: A preliminary study Ram Krishna and Giriraj Kumar
107 Development of a GPS Based Method of Setting Proveniences Candie Borduin, Jeff Toomey, Lee Borduin, and Janet MacKenzie
119 The Pictographs at a Tank in Southwestern Arizona Richard Martynec and Sandra Martynec

Paleoindian and Archaic Rock Art in the Americas

139 North American Rock Art in a World Cultural Context Dr. William Breen Murray
147 Are Utah’s Sand Island “Mammoths” Late Pleistocene? A Geologic View Mary L. Gillam Ph.D. and Lillian D. Wakeley E.D.
173 Lines of Confusion: the Bluff “Mammoths” Polly Schaafsma
189 Preceramic Rock Art in Bolivia A Preliminary Approach Matthias Strecker
209 Camelid Representations in Archaic Rock Paintings of Central and Central-Southern Peru -Representaciones de Camélidos en Pinturas Rupestres Arcaicas del Centro y Centro-Sur del Perú Rainer Hostnig

Rock Art in Asia and Pacific Region

241 Rock Art and World Heritage in Australia Brian J. Egloff and Graeme K. Ward
251 Human Depiction in Vindhyan Rock Art Mahesh Ch. Srivastava

Gender and Sexual Dynamics in Rock Art

263 Are Numic Scratched Rock Art Drawings Women’s Work? Kish LaPierre, M.A., R.P.A. and Alan Garfinkel, Ph.D.
277 From Cradle to Grave and Beyond: Gender in Central California Rock Art Mary A. Gorden, M.A.
305 Rock Solid Stratifications of Gender: Northern Australia’s Ritual Depictions 321 Six Pictograph Sites in Southwestern Arizona: Possible Gender Implications Richard J. Martynec and Sandra K. Martynec
341 The Avebury Corpus of Neolithic Southern England: Sculpted Heads, Torsos, Body Parts, and Abstract Sexual Symbolism Di Pattison
Let Us Join Hands: The Most Common Representational Rock-art Symbol in the World-- Unamos Nues­tras Manos: el Simbolo Más Común en el Arte Rupestre Mundial 363 Some Clues from Borneo for Deciphering Hand Stencils Jean-Michel Chazine
373 Handprints in the Rock Art and Tribal Art of Central India Meenakshi Dubey-Pathak and Jean Clottes
383 Handprints in Maltravieso Cave (Cáceres, Spain): Typology, Distribution, Techniques and Chronological Con text.-Representaciones de Manos Paleolíticas en la Cueva de Maltravieso (Cáceres, España): Tipos, Distribución, Técnicas de Representación y Contexto Cronológico. Hipolito Collado Giraldo and José Julio García Arranz
441 Reflections on the Presence/Absence of Hands in the Anthropomorphic Figures of the Schematic Rock Art Style of the Iberian Peninsula. -Reflexiones Sobre la Presencia/Ausencia de las Manos en las Figuras Antropomorfas del Estilo Rupestre Esquemático de la Península Ibérica. José Julio García Arranz and Hipolito Collado Giraldo
477 Religious, Mystical and Magical Hand Prints from the Arabian Desert Majeed Khan
489 Rock Art of Hands in Sonora, México - Manifestaciones Gráfico Rupestres de Manos en Sonora, México César A. Quijada
507 Hand Images in Maya Caves Matthias Strecker
529 The Handprints in Queretano and Guanajuato Rock Art - Las Improntas de Manos en el Arte Rupestre de Querétaro y Guanajuato, México Carlos Viramontes Anzures
549 A Preliminary Study of the Hand Motif Zhang Yasha and Yang Qinglin

Student Session

563 Rock Art on the Kaibab Plateau: Applying Legacy Data to Heritage Management Jana M. Comstock
585 Being on the Move: Rock Art Production and Use in Dakelh Traditional Territory Suzanne Mitchell
601 Representation of Fiber Artifacts and Basketry in Northeast Mexican Rock Art Martin I. Santana Salas
611 Marking an Animate Landscape: Rock art in the North Central Andes of Peru Jonathan Dubois
621 Cup and Ring Marked Stones Discovered in Jiangsu and Henan Province in China Dai Yue
629 The study on the squat human figure of Zuo River Pictographs Huang Yaqi
641 Cultural Interpretation of Group Gathering Scenes in Rock Art of South China Du Hui

Context of Rock Art

661 Archaeoacoustics and the Location of Rock Art in Spain Margarita Díaz-Andreu, Carlos García Benito, María Lazarich, Antonio Ramos, Mª José Cruz and Gao Qian
671 Boqueirão do Paraguaio: A Gorge that Shows How “to see” Serra da Capivara, Piauí, Brazil Pascale Binant
685 Context Interrupted: The Displacement and Re-Situation of Four Unique Petroglyph Boulders in Oregon Douglas Beauchamp
689 Southern Rocky Mountain Arborglyphs: Correlates, Contrasts, and Comparative Research Opportunities in the Study of Carved Trees and Rock Art Troy R. Lovata, Ph.D.
Ceramics and Rock Art: Relationships, Connections, and Confluences 703 Amazon Iconography - Similarities Between Pottery and Rock Art; Iconografia Amazónica – Similitudes Entre Céramica y Arte Rupestre Edithe Pereira
721 El Cantil de las Ánimas. Nuevas Evidencias de Decapitación Ritual en la Gráfica Rupestre del Nayarit. Luis Alfonso Grave Tirado and Francisco Javier Samaniega Altamirano
731 Imágenes del Neolítico. Cerámica y Arte Rupestre en el Arco Mediterráneo de la Península Ibérica Mauro S. Hernández Pérez, Bernat Martí Oliver
749 La Gráfica Rupestre del Gran Nayar y la Cerámica Aztatlán. Manifestaciones de Una Misma Tradición Cultural Luis Alfonso Grave Tirado and Francisco Javier Samaniega Altamirano

Recent Rock Art Research in the Eastern United States New Contributions in Research and Management of Heritage Rock Art in Mexico

765 You Can’t Take It (All) With You: Rock Art and Looting on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee Jan F. Simek, and Sarah C. Sherwood, Nicholas P. Herrmann, Sierra Bow, Alan Cressler, and Stephen Carmody

New Contributions in Research and Management of Heritage Rock Art in Mexico. -

783 La Puesta in Valor de la Ruta de los Petrograbados en la Piedad, Michoacán Magdalena A. García Sánchez and Armando Anaya
797 Un Santuario Rupestre en los Altos de Jalisco, México Rodrigo Esparza López and Francisco Rodríguez Mota
825 Research and Conservation of the Heritage Rock From the Northeast of Guanajuato - Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio Rupestre del Nororiente de Guanajuato Carlos Viramontes Anzures
841 Espacios Rituales, Simbolismo del Paisaje y Arte Rupestre en los Cerros de Trincheras del Noroeste de Sonora. Estu dio de Caso: el Cerro San José Julio Amador Bech and Adriana Medina Vidal
871 Valle de Conchos, Nuevo León. Estructuración del Paisaje Cazador-Recolector Mediante la Gráfica Rupestre Dra. Araceli Rivera Estrada
905 Monogramas Rupestres Misioneros en la Zona Serrana Meridional: La Muralla, Galena, Nuevo León Dra. Araceli Rivera Estrada
919 Consideraciones Iconográficas en Torno al Sitio Arroyo Seco, Guanajuato: Un espacio Ritual de Larga Duración María Magdalena and García Espino
937 Tláloc y sus Representaciones en el Arte Rupestre de Tlayacapan Elda Vanya Valdovinos Rojas
951 Agencia y Personeidad en Pintura Rupestre. Personas Habitando la Sierra de Nuevo León Diana Paulina Radillo Rolón
981 La Cueva de los Monos. Un Acercamiento a las Representaciones Pictóricas del Valle de Cucurpe, Sonora, México. Tomás Pérez-Reyes

Seeing with New Eyes: Advances in Pigment Analysis and Image Enhancement Tools in Rock Art Studies

995 Pictographs from Mahlac Cave, Guam: Radiocarbon Dating and Chemical Studies Rosalind L. Hunter-Anderson, Mohammad Yousuf, and Marvin W. Rowe
1017 The Church Rock Petroglyph Site: Function, Style, Digital Documentation, and 3D Visualization Marshall Millett and Eric Ritter

Written in Rock Session

1043 Written in Rock: A Collaboration Among Azerbaijani and Pueblo Indian Communities (WIR) Claire Eckert and Carolyn McClellan

Contributed Sessions

1067 Who’s Incising What: Can Any of the Lost City Museum’s Incised Stones Be Attributed to the Ancestral Puebloans? Dena Sedar
1077 Flower World Imagery in Petroglyphs: Hints of Hohokam Cosmology on the Landscape Janine Hernbrode and Peter Boyle
1093 Upper Orinoco Rock Art of Southwestern Venezuela John Greer, Ph.D.
1111 Inka Iconographic Rocks Jessica Joyce Christie
1125 The Importance of the Representation of Hands Engraved in Rock Art in the Region of the Ceira and Alva Rivers (Portugal), Its Symbolism and Comparison with Other Regions of the World Nuno Ribeiro and Anabela Joaquinito
1135 Iconography of Upper Paleolithic Cave Paintings – Methodological Considerations Gernot Grube
1145 Visual Symbols and Silent Messages: Rock Art, Landscape, and Communication, A Case Study from South Scandinavia David Vogt
1155 Rock Art Elements as Artifacts: A Case Study from the Coastal Ranges California Donna Gillette , Ph.D., Teresa Miller Saltzman, M.A., and Paula Reynosa
1165 Rock Art at Little Lake Ranch, Inyo County, California Audrey Kopp
1175 Dinwoody Tradition: Methods Used to Produce the Images Michael T. Bies
1195 Ute Indian Rock Art Maps and Game Drives in Western Colorado: A Preliminary Study of Ute Rock Art Maps in Gun nison Gorge National Conservation Area and Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area Carol Patterson, Ph.D.
1215 Is the Medium the Message? Petroglyphs and Pictographs as Cultural Markers at the Interface of the Great Basin and Columbia Plateau in Oregon Don Hann
1235 “The Dreaming put that there, back in the Dreamtime” Ethnography in the Land of the Lightning People David Lee
1257 Algunas Consideraciones Sobre las Representaciones de la Columna Vertebral en el Dibujo Rupestre De Los Grupos Agricultores de las Antillas Racso Fernández Ortega, Dany Morales Valdés, and Victorio Cué Villate
1283 Sears Point Rock Art Recording Project, Arizona, USA Evelyn Billo, Robert Mark, Ph.D. and Donald E. Weaver, Jr., Ph.D.

21st Century Discoveries and Research of Chinese Rock Art Session

1305 Grinding Base Form Rock art in Fangcheng: the Rudiment of Jade Bi Li Yingnian
1311 The Rock Art of the Ancient Tibet Zhang Yasha
1327 The Study for Huashan Rock Paintings ConservationChinese Academy of Cultural Heritage Wang Jinhua, Guo Hong, and Li Li
1343 A Review of Chinese Rock Art Research in the 21st Century Zhu Lifeng and Xiang Jiangtao
1353 The Aesthetic Charm of Petroglyph Graphic Symbol Bao Qinglin
1357 Remaining Primitive People’s Historical Mark on Rock in Northwestern Yunnan, Investigation and Protection of Jinsha River Pictographs Li Gang and Yang Xueyin
1367 Discussion on Some Questions of the Zuojiang

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