[Gabriola: Petroglyph Island]
Gabriola: Petroglyph Island, Mary and Ted Bentley
1998, 2nd edition, Sono Nis Press, paper
152 pages, 75 b/w photos, 46 illustrations, 9 maps, bibliography, index, 6" x 9"

Gabriola Island located in the Strait of Georgia off Vancouver Island and Nanaimo, is a major site of ancient west coast Native petroglyph rock carvings. The petroglyphs of Gabriola Island are some of the most unique rock carvings in the world - unique in artistic design, subject matter and location. Since discovering a major site of over fifty carvings in 1976, the authors, Mary and Ted Bentley, have gone on to record thirty more glyphs found at four new Gabriola Island sites. The Bentleys spent over 2 years mapping the sites on this island.

Gabriola: Petroglyph Island, Second Edition, contains photos, rubbings and drawings of over ninety carvings recorded by the authors during the past twenty years. As well as an in-depth look at the petroglyphs of Gabriola Island, the authors discuss petroglyphs in general as to their locations, carving methods, dating techniques and the possible reasons for their existence. Not only will this book appeal to those who have an interest in northwest coast native culture, but it will also appeal to anyone who responds to the artistic, stylized images imaginatively carved by an ancient people.

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