IMAGES IN STONE: 1995 Rock Art Calendar with Text, Photographs by David Muench and Fred Hirschmann
24 Color Photographs; twelve 9"x 11" and twelve 4"x 5"
Sites and geographical areas pictured include: Three Rivers Petroglyphs National Historic Site, Cienega Creek, Village of the Great Kivas on the Zuni Reservation, the Galisteo Basin, Sierra Blanca, and the Santa Fe River in New Mexico; San Rafael Swell, Nine Mile Canyon, Rochester Creek, and the San Juan River, in Utah; Snake Gulch, Petrified Forest National Park, the Little Colorado River, Canyon de Chelly, and Red Rock-Secret Mountain Wilderness in Arizona; China Lake's Coso Range in California; and Hueco Tanks State Historic Park in Texas.

All photographs on this page © 1994 David Muench or copyright 1994 Fred Hirschmann
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Last update: 20 January 1997