ROCK ART OF THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST: 1997 Rock Art Calendar with Text, Photographs by Fred Hirschmann
24 Color Photographs; twelve 11"x 13" and twelve 1-3/4"x 2-1/4"
The latest Rock Art Calendar from Fred Hirschmann is now available. Sites, places and styles depicted include: Pecos Style pictographs from Panther Cave, Texas; Jornada Style paintings at Hueco Tanks, Texas; Barrier Canyon style pictographs, eastern Utah; Anasazi petroglyphs near the Little Colorado River, Arizona; coyote petroglyphs at Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona; flute player pictographs from Canyon de Chelly, Arizona; bighorn sheep petroglyphs from the Newberry Mountains, Nevada; big horn sheep petroglyphs from the Coso Mountains, eastern California; "The Hunter's Mural" petroglyph panel in Nine-Mile Canyon, Utah; Navaho and Hopi style petroglyphs from Canyon de Chelly, Arizona; and Rio Grande Style hand petroglyphs, New Mexico.

All photographs on this page © 1996 Fred Hirschmann
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Last update: 20 January 1997