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The Spirit Walls of Nine Mile Canyon, Echo Productions
1998, Echo Productions, color, DVD and VHS, 15 minutes playing time
$15.00 (DVD)

This program explores some of the exciting rock art Utah is famous for. Thousands of pecked and painted images believed to have been produced by Archaic, Fremont, Ute and Hopi People. Included are discussion and recording methods by Dr. Ray Matheny of Brigham Young University, who heads an extensive ten-year recording/survey project in the canyon. Other participants include Pam Miller from the Prehistoric Museum in Price, and Blaine Miller a BLM Carbon County archaeologist. Wil Numkena representing the Hopi, and Cifford Duncan of Northern Ute, visit sites and offer traditional wisdom concerning vandalism. This film was partially funded through a grant from the Utah Humanities Council.

Learn what the rock art means to archaeologist Ray Matheny of Brigham Young University, and BLM archaeologist Blaine Miller.

Explore some of the rock art Utah is famous for. Thousands of images, some dating to 5000 years old are believed to have been left by archaic, Fremont, Ute and Hopi people.

Listen to the words of American Indians Clifford Duncan and Wil Numkena as they share traditions, myths, and ceremonies associated with rock art.

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