[Marks of the Ancestors: Ancient Indian Rock Art of Arizona]
Marks of the Ancestors: Ancient Indian Rock Art of Arizona, Peter Blystone & Brian Cass
1994, Echo Productions in cooperation with the Museum of Northern Arizona, color, DVD and VHS, 40 minutes
$15.00 (VHS)

In special places throughout the Southwest, unusual artistic images appear on boulders, cave walls and cliff faces. These "rock art" sites were once considered meaningless scribbles made by ancient cultures hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Today, scholars recognize rock art as another window into the lives of these ancient people.

Marks of the Ancestors explores six different regions in Arizona with archaeologists and Native Americans. Together they share the meanings of these symbols, shed new light on the ancient people who created them, and suggest how this unique heritage can be protected.

This entertaining video explores the Rock Art of six areas of Arizona, including Hopi sites at Wupatki, Navaho and pre-Navaho art at Canyon de Chelly, sheep motifs and 'textile' motifs of the Hohokam at Cerro Prieto in Tohono O'odham territory, the rock art of South Mountain adjacent to Phoenix, Hualapai territory in the Kingman area along the Colorado River, and the Red Rock Country of the Sedona area. The authorities who contribute their insight and knowledge into the significance, importance and meaning of the Rock Art include many local Native Americans (which is the real strength of this production), as well as non-native authorities including Polly Schaafsma and Peter Pilles. See Ken Hedges' review on page 24 of the Summer 1994 issue of La Pintura (ARARA).

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