Piedra Pintada Books

Catalogue of Non-specialist (General) Rock Art Titles

Anasazi and Pueblo Painting, J.J. Brody
Art on the Rocks, Sierra Press
California Indian Shamanism, Lowell Bean, editor
Canyon de Chelly, Campbell Grant
Canyon Country Rock Art, F.A. Barnes
Earth Pigments and Paint of the California Indians, Campbell, Paul
Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of Greater Southwest, Alex Patterson
Following the Shaman's Path, David Whitley
Gabriola: Petroglyph Island, Mary & Ted Bentley
Images of the Ice Age, Paul Bahn
The Jeffers Petroglyphs, Kevin Callahan
Kokopelli, Slifer & Duffield
Kokopelli: The Making of an Icon, Malotki
Legacy on Stone, Sally Cole
Magic on the Rocks, Michael Furtman
Petroglyph National Monument, Susan Lamb
Petroglyphs: Ancient Language/Sacred Art, Sabra Moore
Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Utah (Volume 1), Kenneth Castleton
Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Utah (Volume 2), Kenneth Castleton
Reading Rock Art, Grace Rajnovich
Rock Art of the American Indian, Campbell Grant
Rock Art of the American Southwest, Fred Hirschmann & Scott Thybony
The Rock Art of Arizona: Art for Life's Sake, Ekkehart Malotki
The Rock Art of Easter Island, Georgia Lee
Rock Art of Kentucky, Fred Coy, Jr., et al
Rock Art in New Mexico, Polly Schaafsma
Rock Art Savvy: The Responsible Visitor's Guide to Public Sites of the Southwest, Ronald Sanders
Rock-Art of the Southwest: A Visitor's Companion, Liz & Peter Welsh
The Rock Art of Utah, Polly Schaafsma
Rock Drawings of the Coso Range, Campbell Grant, James Baird & Kenneth Pringle
Sentinals on Stone, Lilienthal & Hoard
The Serpent and the Sacred Fire, Dennis Slifer
Signs of Life, Dennis Slifer
Songs of Ancient Journeys, Elsa Marston
Stone Magic of the Ancients: Petroglyphs, Shamanic Shrine Sites, Ancient Rituals, James Cunkle & Markus Jacquemain
Stories in Stone, Caroline Arnold
Terra Incognita, Salvatore Mancini & Polly Schaafsma
Thunder & Herds, Lawrence Loendorf
On the Trail of Spider Woman, Carol Patterson-Rudolph
Warrior, Star, and Shield, Polly Schaafsma et al

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