[book cover]
A Present From the Past, Janet and Mike Golio
1995, Portunus Publishing Co., paper
128 pages, 6" x 9"

A novel for children and their parents (to read to them) about a young girl living in Arizona and her efforts to save prehistoric petroglyphs and archaeological sites from destruction by "development". The Golio's are residents of Phoenix who have been working to document the destruction of the myriad petroglyphs found on South Mountain, which is being devoured by development and the flood of people from Phoenix. This book is an attempt to educate southwest residents, particularly the youngest generation, of the importance that rock art and archaeological sites have to our culture. Quoting now from the back cover: "A Present From ther Past is a young adult novel combining an adventure of discovery with the importance of place. As Sarah explores the desert and the archaeological sites surrounding her, her own story becomes slowly but inextricably interwoven with the life of an American Indian girl from prehistoric times, and a future that cannot happen unless she succeeds in her quest to organize her community to prevent the destruction of these sites. A Present From the Past shows how no one generation ever truly owns the land and how important it is to preserve our land for posterity."
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