[Archaeology and Rock Art of the Eastern Sierra and Great Basin Frontier]
Archaeology and Rock Art of the Eastern Sierra and Great Basin Frontier, Alan P. Garfinkel.
2007, Maturango Press, Maturango Museum Publication No. 22, paper
186 pages, 25 figures, 30 tables, references, glossary, subject index, author index, subject index, 8-1/2" x 11"

Alan Garfinkel is a staff archaeologist for the California Department of Transportation in Fresno, California. He is a member of the Maturango Museum and has been actively involved in studies of California prehistory since 1970. He lives in Kern County with his wife, children, and a menagerie of pets.

"Archaeology and Rock Art... advances our knowledge of early human societies in eastern California... Although the vast California/Great Basin literature includes myriad reports of 'archaeological' or rock-art research, it is rare to find the two so thoroughly and so effectively integrated. In this sense and many others, Garfinkel has produced a book worthy of emulation."
           --   Michael Moratto, Senior Archaeologist, Applied Earthworks, Inc.

"An important follow-up work to our seminal contribution on Coso rock art. For all those who have an interest in this subject, this is a must read. Fascinating, well written, and informative".
           --   J. Kenneth Pringle, co-author, Rock Drawings of the Coso Range

"The Southern Nevada are known primarily as a vacation area today, with their archaeological importance virtually unknown. Dr Garfinkel does an outstanding job of correcting this perception, integrating archaeological and ethnographic data from a wide variety of sources to create a picture of human occupation and population movement here on the southwestern edge of the Great Basin. This book is certainly destined to become the standard work on the area".
           --   Alexander K. Rogers, Curator of Archaeology, Maturango Museum

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