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Legend Rock - Preserving Ancient Visions
2010, Cloud Peak Productions
NTSC, Wide-Screen, DVD, 28 minutes, closed captioned
$15.00 (DVD)

Over 300 petroglyphs cover a mile of sandstone cliff at the Legend Rock National and State Historic Site north of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Visited for thousands of years by Shoshone shamen, the site has attracted worldwide interest because of recent occurences of vandalism. LEGEND ROCK: Preserving Ancient Visions chronicles the world-renowned site and the efforts to save its unique stone images.

After the 2006 vandalism, intense efforts began to document and save the site. With a collaboration of national, state and local professionals and volunteers, a committee attacked the problem of preserving but enhancing public viewing of the remarkable locale. The documentary follows the work of the archaeologists and volunteers, including the new scientific use of photogrammetry, a 3-D imaging process, which may become the standard for petroglyph sites around the globe.

Produced by award winning Cloud Peak Productions, the documentary captures the remote beauty and mystery of the site and adds interviews by rock art experts to bring deeper understanding of the marks left by Wyoming’s earliest inhabitants.

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