[Spirit in the Stone]
Spirit in the Stone, Joy Inglis
1998, Horsdal & Schubart, paper
111 pages, 15 b/w photos, 67 figures, 13 maps, references, 5-1/2" x 10-1/2"

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Mysterious and impressive, the art of the petroglyph has intrigued people around the world. Petroglyphs played an important role in the rituals and ceremonies of Shamanism -- the religion of many early cultures. The rock carvings on the west coast of North America are related in style and content to the rock art of the Far East and to the cave paintings of Europe.

Spirit in the Stone offers a worldwide background for rock carvings in art and religion, with a practical focus on the petroglyphs of Quadra Island, British Columbia. The 11 petroglyph sites on the island are described, with detailed maps and directio ns for finding them. West-coast rock art was often connected to the life cycle of the salmon, the basic resource of coastal peoples, and this book discusses the probable meanings and uses of the awe-inspiring petroglyphs.

The wonderfully evocative drawings by Hilary Stewart, and the Foreward by native Elder Ellen White, will help everyone to better understand these treasures, and to appreciatethe silent magic of ancient rock art.

Joy Inglis, an anthropologist, has worked for 20 years with the Kwagiulth people of Quadra Island, studying the locations and traditional functions of west-coast petroglyphs. Hilary Stewart is an artist and author whose books on native culture include Cedar and Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast.

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