[Echoes of the Ancients: Rock Art of the Dalles-Deschutes Region]
Echoes of the Ancients: Rock Art of the Dalles-Deschutes Region, James D. Keyser, Michael W. Taylor, and George R. Poetschat
2004, Second Printing, Oregon Archaeological Society Publication No 14, 8-1/2" x 11", paper
x + 115 pages, 15 color plates, 8 tables, 82 figures (comprising b/w photos, line drawings, & maps), notes, references.

The Dalles-Deschutes region of the Columbia River, located in the heart of the Columbia Plateau, was a center of prehistoric human habitation for more than 10,000 years. Eddies, rapids, and waterfalls stretching from just upstream of The Dalles, through the Long Narrows to Celilo Falls provided the premier fishery on the entire Columbia Plateau.

Here untold generations of people lived their lives, passing their customs, traditions, and knowledge into the future. Echoes of the Ancients honors these people by sharing a bit of their history, culture, and spirituality with newer generations.

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