[Warrior Art of Wyoming's Green River Basin: Biographic Petroglyphs Along the Seedskadee]
Warrior Art of Wyoming's Green River Basin: Biographic Petroglyphs Along the Seedskadee, James D. Keyser and George R. Poetschat
2005, Oregon Archaeological Society Publication No 15, 8-1/2" x 11", paper
vi + 190 pages, 91 figures (comprising b/w photos, line drawings, & maps), 1 table, notes, references.

Located along the Oregon Trail (upper left), rock art sites such as Names Hill (tipi at upper right), South Piney (bear at lower right), and La Barge Bluffs (elk at lower left) contain hundreds of ancient rock art images, all of which are included in Warrior Art of Wyoming's Green River Basin. These fantastic images, created by the Plains Shoshone Indians, include both ceremonial and biographic subjects.

The Green River, known to the resident Shoshones as Seedskadee Agie, flows through a high Plains-like Basin that was the crossroads of North America during three hundred years of the Historic period. In this area the Shoshone acquired their first horses and spread northwestward onto the Great Plains to become the feared "Snakes". Later the area served as a corridor for horse raiders going south to steal more of these coveted animals. Fur trappers first entered the basin in 1812 and from 1825 through 1840 the area was home to the Green River Rendezvous, an annual trade fair where fur trappers, traders, missionaries, artists and Indians mixed together in a spirited free-for-all. From 1840 to 1865 the Basin was crossed by thousands of emigrants traveling the Oregon and Overland Trails, many of whom left their marks among those of the Indian artists. Finally came the Transcontinental Railroad in 1868 and the beginning of the end for the cultures of the tribes who had inhabited this area.

The petroglyphs at these sites document all of these events and more in the picture-writing of Plains Indian Biographic Art.

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