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Sentinals on Stone: The Petroglyphs of Los Alamos, Betty Lilienthal & Dorothy Hoard
1995, Los Alamos Historical Society, paper
75 pages, 112 b/w photographs, 19 illustrations, 11" x 8-1/2"

Excerpt from the book: Los Alamos, New Mexico, lies about thirty-five miles northwest of Santa Fe. It is the smallest county in the state, approximately eight miles wide by thirteen miles long. But centuries ago this meager space was home to a breed of farmers who tilled the soil with resourcefulness and ingenuity and left a wealth of petroglyphs to mark their stay. Hidden in narrow crevices or overlooking broad fields, these enchanting designs scratched in stone range from simple human and animal figures to elaborate abstract patterns. Betty Lilienthal and Dorothy Hoard, both long-time residents of Los Alamos County, combined their talents to document these traces of the early people. For nine years they scrambled among the rocky canyons and trudged across the fields. Not only did they discover petroglyphs by the hundreds, but they also provided sufficient documentation to have White Rock Canyon of the Rio Grande entered in the National Register of Historic Places. This book presents the fruits of their search. Sentinals on Stone contains a wealth of photographs by Betty Lilienthal and the haunting drawings of Dorothy Hoard. Together they help evoke the spirit of a vanished people who, despite the rigors of their existence, were moved to enrich their surroundings with petroglyphs that still delight us.
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