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Visions in Stone: Rock Art of the Coso Range, Mark Pahuta (director) & Cliff Lawson (writer)
1998, Maturango Museum, color, DVD & VHS, 59 minutes
$10.00 (VHS)

In the Coso Mountain Range, on the west edge of California's Mojave Desert, thousands upon thousands of strange images are carved and pecked into the dark basalt rocks. These images, from tiny geometric designs to larger-than-life renderings of bighorn sheep, make up the richest collection of rock art in North America.

But who created them? And why here? How were they made? What do they represent? What was their purpose? How are they protected? What can we learn from them?

These are the questions that run through Visions in Stone, a production of the U.S. Navy - on whose land the petroglyphs are located - and the Maturango Museum of Indian Wells Valley.

Against the haunting background of music by John Huling, Visions in Stone presents some of the most stunning rock art videography ever recorded. Theories of the how, the when, and the why of the petroglyphs are explored in interviews with archaeologists and others who study rock art.

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