[Storied Stone: Indian Rock Art of the Black Hills Country]
Storied Stone: Indian Rock Art of the Black Hills Country, Linea Sundstrom
2004, University of Oklahoma Press, cloth, d/j
238 pages, 89 b/w photographs, 120 line drawings, 9 maps, 5 tables, 8" x 10"
$25.00 (paper)
$45.00 (cloth)

Ancient petroglyphs and paintings on rocky cliffs and cave walls preserve the symbols and ideas of American Indian cultures. From scenes of human-to-animal transformations found in petroglyphs dating back thousands of years to contact-era depictions of eagle trapping, rock art provides a look at the history of the Black Hills country over the last ten thousand years. Storied Stone links rock art of the Black Hills and Cave Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming to the rich oral traditions, religious beliefs, and sacred places of the Lakota, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Mandan, and Hidatsa Indians who once lived there.

Drawing on more than twenty years of fieldwork, Linea Sundstrom identifies the chronological depth, stylistic variations, and multiple interpretations of petroglyphs and cliff paintings in this richly illustrated volume. Sundstrom describes the age, cultural affiliation, and meaning of a wide variety of petroglyphs and rock paintings--from warriors' combat scenes and images related to girls' puberty rites to depictions of creation myths and sacred visions.

Linea Sundstrom is a private consultant in archaeology, historic resource management, and ethnohistory. Born and raised in the Black Hills, Sundstrom is the author of Rock Art of the Southern Black Hills: A Contextual Approach and coauthor of Rock Art of Western South Dakota.

“Sundstrom demonstrates the importance of rock art as cultural heritage and as a priceless legacy that should be respected and protected. Scientifically and archaeologically sound, Storied Stone is a valuable contribution to archaeology and ethnohistory.”--Polly Schaafsma, author of Images in Stone and Indian Rock Art of the Southwest.

“Sundstrom goes beyond mere description to present a factual context for rock art interpretation. This thorough and convincing book will be of great help to those seeking to understand the scope and variation of North American rock art.”—Solveig Turpin, cofounder of Rock Art Foundation

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